Emotional Intelligence: how to communicate in the salon

Improve your ability to communicate with clients. On this course, you will discover all the benefits that emotional intelligence can bring to your professional and personal relationships.

Salon Management

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What you will learn in this course

learn to listen better, and to make yourself heard

become more present and aware when communicating with others

avoid communicative errors and inaccuracies that could compromise your professional and personal relationships

fully master your communication skills

Emotional intelligence is a very powerful tool that becomes a resource when it comes to identifying and understanding the needs, both expressed and unexpressed, of a client in the salon. This course is useful for those who want to improve their ability to communicate with others with more awareness, and when needed, also with the right emotional distance. Applying emotional intelligence allows us to significantly improve the quality of our communication and work on how effective it is, opening up more opportunities for success in life and in our work.

Sector professionals, salon owners, and employees working in contact with the public. Anyone who wants to progress in their personal development and gain more awareness of themselves and their own skills.

At the end of the course, there will be a short self-assessment, after which you will be provided with a digital certificate that confirms your completion of the training experience.

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