Inside Insight

Our vision, our ethos, practical information on our formulas and our certification process: here you can find out everything about the Insight universe.

Our story

Since 2013, we have produced professional-quality cosmetics with a respectful, strictly-controlled supply chain. We have strong roots in our homeland, but we export to over 50 countries.

Cosmethical Vision

Sustainability, accessibility and quality: this is Insight. Our cosmetics are the perfect synthesis of what we believe in.


Carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral Company

Product certifications

Sustainability and quality of our finished products

Company certifications

Our Certifications


Our packaging in 100% recycled plastic

Environmental label

How to properly dispose of the finished product

Our formulas

Our formulas These are what make us unique. Developed by our internal Research and Development lab, they encapsulate the best of our expertise in cosmetics and our natural ingredients coming from controlled supply chains. Find out all about our formulas.

Our lines

A solution for every need, both professional and everyday. Complete routines, from cleansing to styling, to colouring. Because everyone's hair is a world of its own, and we have the right product!