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The body routine for a toned and even skin, step by step

Want to know the perfect body routine for your daily care during the winter? Consistency really makes all the difference!


Good habits have been known to make a difference only when applied consistently. Yet, we often lose interest in a practice when we don't see immediate results, and we abandon it after a few initial attempts. But as with all things, patience and consistency always pay off, especially when it comes to body care.

A regular body routine, using the right products will bring its results after a few weeks: the skin on the body will appear more toned, hydrated and firm, especially during the winter months, when dehydration and dryness are always around the corner.

The steps to follow are not many, and simpler than you may think. Let's go through them together!

The ideal body routine starts with exfoliation

Whether it's a scrub, a peel or a brush, the goal is always the same: exfoliate. As we saw in the article about exfoliation, there are many ways to get rid of dead cells sitting on the surface of the epidermis, and make room for new ones, rediscovering brighter, firmer and more even skin.

Step 2: an invigorating shower

After exfoliating, it's time for a nice invigorating shower. Choose an effective but gentle cleanser, and prefer lukewarm showers to long, hot baths, which could weaken the skin barrier in the long run.

Looking for a shower cleanser with a gentle formula that will leave your skin cleansed and hydrated? Insight has created a body cleanser formulated with non-ethoxylated surfactants. What this means is that its formula is more gentle and highly dermocompatible. It also contains plant-derived glycerin and skin-friendly ingredients to reduce any irritation caused by cleansing.

Next stop: hydration station!

Moisturizing your body's skin after a shower is crucial to keeping it supple and healthy. Choose a moisturizing cream or lotion, depending on your needs or preferences. If your body skin feels particularly dry and tight after showering, it means it needs a little extra nourishment. In this case, prefer creamy and nourishing consistencies, with a soothing and comforting action on the skin. If, on the other hand, your skin is normal, you can choose a lighter and fast-absorbing lotion, even with a liquid texture.

Extra pampering for dry areas

The skin of elbows, knees, feet, needs more nourishment than the rest of the body. They are notoriously drier areas and subjected to more friction, so it's a good habit to dedicate an extra care to them. To do this we can choose a nourishing body butter, or an oil with nourishing and protective properties. These few steps, repeated consistently, will help to keep the skin toned and compact. Try it to believe it!


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