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A golden skin, even in autumn

How to prolong your tan: a few simple and effective tips for golden skin, even in autumn.


The tan that the days at the beach or in the mountains have given us has a limited duration. Upon returning from holidays, we know that, after two weeks, our golden tint will begin to disappear a little at a time, leaving us in our original color.


Once back in the city, there are some tricks that we can put into practice to make the tan last a few more days and to feel a little more on vacation. We will also be helped by the products of the Body Insight line. Let's get started!


Keyword: hydration

Drinking lots of water can help keep us hydrated, and if our bodies are sufficiently hydrated, our skin also benefits. Green tea, freshly squeezed juices, and flavored waters are also perfect because they also help to replenish vitamins and precious minerals.


For more intense hydration, it is essential to use a body cream or lotion, to make sure we keep the skin supple and intact while preserving our tan.

The power of a good exfoliation

In addition to hydration, regular exfoliation, both before and after exposure, is an excellent way to eliminate dead skin cells on the surface and ensure a homogeneous and lasting tan. Choosing the right scrub is important: a scrub that is too aggressive will leave the skin with micro-scratches and small lesions, while a scrub that is too mild will not be able to exfoliate sufficiently. For this,  Insight has formulated a body scrub with powdered particles of rose quartz and cherry stones, for a delicate and natural exfoliating action. These particles are suspended in a nourishing formula that promotes hydration and elasticity and prepares the skin to absorb all subsequent hydration.

To boost your complexion, you can apply a few drops of self-tanner in your moisturizer, to develop a gradual and even golden hue day after day.

Things to avoid

On the contrary, there are things to avoid, which could have the opposite effect on our tan:


  • Indulge in long hot baths. Definitely a relaxing habit, but doing it too consistently could have harmful effects on the skin. The ideal would be to opt for quick showers with warm water, so as not to stress the skin and avoid damaging the hydrolipidic film that protects it;
  • Cleansing products that contain aggressive surfactants can irritate the skin and cause widespread redness and discomfort. The ideal is to choose a shower gel that contains effective but more delicate surfactants, such as Insight Body Cleanser, a skin-friendly cleanser rich in moisturizing ingredients, antioxidants, and soothing agents, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and ICEA certified;
  • Exposing yourself unprotected. Although the impression may be that of getting tanned more quickly, exposing ourselves to the sun without adequate protection is not healthy and can have harmful effects on our skin and health. Skin exposed to UV rays without adequate sun protection also ages faster, due to the oxidative stress to which it is subjected.


Nutrition can help us

Including seasonal fruit and vegetables in our diet is a great way to fill up on vitamins and minerals that help you get an even tan that lasts longer. Radicchio, pumpkin, melon, cherries, tomatoes... a balanced diet that follows the seasonality of the products is an excellent choice from many points of view, from today we give you one more reason!


Discover the Insight SKIN line, certified ICEA Eco Bio, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and formulated to take care of the skin of the body with extreme delicacy.


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