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Rebuild: the best-in-class reconstruction system

Rebuild: our professional system of hair fiber reconstruction has been tested by the University of Bologna, let's discover the results.


Rebuild is the professional system of hair fiber reconstruction developed by Insight Professional, which can be requested in salons to smooth and restructure the hair. It is a treatment rich in ingredients of natural origin, which aims to restore the integrity and health of the hair by restoring its protein content.

The Rebuild line consists of two products: 

  • the Hair Filler Serum, the first step: its pH is higher than the hair fiber, so it can lift the cuticles and allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate inside the hair cortex.
  • the Hair Cuticle Sealer, the second step, which carries out the conditioning action and seals the cuticles to keep all the nourishment inside the hair fiber. Its pH acidic, and makes it able to close the hair scales and make it smoother and shinier.

Rebuild: our treatment is the best in its class


  • Two innovative, effective and functional formulations for salon use, designed and tested with in-depth laboratory analysis in collaboration with the Department of Sciences for the Quality of Life of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna. Laboratory tests, in vivo and in vitro, have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the treatment and demonstrated the results on the hair.

    The University lab analyzed 18 hair samples, 9 before treatment and 9 after treatment with the Rebuild system. Analyses were conducted with a Scanning Electron Microscope with Field Emission Source (SEM-FEG) and by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). These two instruments allowed the lab team to assess, in addition to a variety of technical data, the "health" of the hair during the pre- and post-treatment periods.

    We observed together the images produced by the SEM microscope and the data resulting from the analysis with DSC: the intersection of these data resulted in an effectiveness of the Rebuild treatment equal to 70% of the cases sampled.

An incredible result that scientifically proves the effectiveness of the Rebuild system in reconstructing the hair fiber and its protein structure. These data are the scientific backbone of the visible treatment result. The empirical and visible side is just as satisfactory: shinier, stronger, more disciplined hair, frizz significantly diminished, increased combability and body.

The Rebuild system is the ideal solution for those who want to rebuild damaged or stressed hair, and restore combability and body to the hair fiber.


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