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Illipé butter is nourishing, detangling, moisturizing and much more, let's find out its endless properties and why it is widely used in hair care.


Illipé butter is native to Malaysia, specifically Borneo. In fact, one of its alternative names is Borneo tallow. It is made by cold-pressing the seeds taken from the Shorea Stenoptera plant, a member of the Dipterocarpaceae family. The butter obtained from it is an excellent base for many cosmetic products, such as face and body creams, conditioners and hair masks, precisely because of its elasticizing, nourishing and protective properties.

Characteristics and properties

It appears as a creamy and light butter, but extremely rich in nutrients such as oleic acid and stearic acid. In terms of composition, it is akin to cocoa and shea butters. The melting point of illipé butter is quite high, and is around 34-38 degrees: at these temperatures the butter passes to a liquid state. Due to this features, which differentiates it from many other butters, it is particularly suitable in cosmetics in the production of lipsticks and lip balms.

Illipè butter in cosmetics

Illipè butter is very versatile and has historically found use in traditional medicine as well as in cosmetics. Because of its eudermic, healing and softening properties, it has always been used to treat dry or injured skin. It is also an excellent remedy against sunburn. It has a neutral odor, making it more versatile than other butters with a more distinctive fragrance.

The benefits on the hair

Illipé butter has conditioning and regenerating properties that are particularly effective on hair that has been damaged or processed with chemical ironing or coloring treatments. It is also a great treatment when returning from summer vacation, when our hair has been subjected to salt and sun for long hours. With the right treatments, hair can rebuild its optimal structure and become shiny and healthy again. Illipé butter is often used as an ingredient in hair conditioners and masks, precisely because of its rehydrating and softening properties.


It can also be found in the Nourishing Mask from the Insight Dry Hair line, designed to meet the nourishment and hydration needs of dry, brittle hair. This mask deeply nourishes and moisturizes thanks to its mix of butters and oils, including illipé butter. A true restorative treatment for the hair that, after 15 minutes of application, will be disciplined, shiny and soft.


The entire Dry Hair line is enriched with this precious butter to reap maximum benefits.



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