The importance of sleep for beauty

What is a beauty sleep and why it is a practice that we all should implement for the well-being of the skin.


The so-called beauty sleep from today on is no longer just an old popular saying, but a discovery with a solid scientific background. A team of scientists from the University of Manchester has found numerous correlations between night sleep and the production of a certain type of collagen. This study looked at the extracellular matrix, which is the tissue in which our cells are suspended, and which is mainly made up of collagen.

Collagen: the main ingredient of the skin

Collagen is a protein, it provides structure to our tissues, and therefore also to our face and skin. If the skin appears toned, firm and elastic, much of the credit is due to collagen. As we age, natural collagen production slows down for physiological reasons, but external factors as lack of sleep can further accelerate this process.

It has been found that the peak of collagen production is between 11pm and 4 in the morning , so during the hours when we usually sleep. This is a good reason for trying to improve our sleep: during these hours the skin is able to self-regenerate, appearing more compact and rested in the morning.

For this exact same reason, after a sleepless night or an intermittent sleep, we wake up looking worse: tired, with a hollow face and a dull complexion.


Tips for a beauty sleep

Now that we've established the undisputed benefits of a good night's sleep, we'll leave you with a few tips to optimize your beauty sleep and get your daily fix of collagen!

• Getting your body used to always going to sleep at the same time is a great way to establish a routine and make it easier to fall asleep.

• Use fabric sprays with a relaxing scent. Spray them on pillowcases and sheets to encourage sleep and “trick” your brain into associating the moment of falling asleep with a positive experience.

• Prepare the skin on your face and body before bed. Follow a good skincare regime by removing makeup and impurities from your face before applying moisturizer or other skincare products. Don’t neglect the skin on your body!

• A hot shower or relaxing herbal tea can help you sleep.

• Avoid falling asleep while watching videos or TV series. Ideally, get away from electronic devices and monitors at least half an hour beforehand. Prefer a good old fashion book, maybe printed on recycled paper!

• One last bonus tip to protect your hair: sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase, or wrap your hair in a silk scarf. It will protect it from breakage and frizz during the night and, if you have curly or wavy hair, it will protect your curls, which will look perfect in the morning!

Now all you have to do is try these simple tips to improve your sleep: your beauty has one more ally!


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