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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - Insight Professional

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Packaging is an integral part of our daily life: it protects the cosmetic or food products we use every day, allowing effective transport and safe storage. Each packaging, however, must be developed based on certain assumptions: for example, consumer convenience or environmental responsibility.

MAR 19 | news
A multifunctional formula: the bleaching fluid - Insight Professional

A multifunctional formula: the bleaching fluid

Highlights, shatush, balayage or hair contouring?

Different names and different techniques, but the goal is one: lighten the hair to bring more light to the face, in any season.

Incolor offers a new product designed to achieve fashion effects and lightening, without giving up a natural result. 

NOV 18 | news
Incolor Evolution: Hydra-Color is born - Insight Professional

Incolor Evolution: Hydra-Color is born

Incolor now uses an innovative technology, aimed at creating a formula that minimizes the irritation episodes, while ensuring a high moisturizing action: the Hydra-Color® coloring system is born.

JUL 18 | news
Our summer tips - Insight Professional

Our summer tips

Discover some Insight tips to take care in the right way of your hair, also during the summer! 

JUL 18 |
Insight at Cosmoprof North America - Insight Professional

Insight at Cosmoprof North America

Insight will take part again to Cosmoprof North America, in Las Vegas, from 29th to 31st July. Come and see us at Discover Pro Beauty area - booth 17067! 

JUL 2018 | news
Insight, a natural evolution - Insight Professional

Insight, a natural evolution

This year INSIGHT presented a line upgrade, related both to formulas and product packaging, oriented towards a greater environmental sustainability of the Insight project.

JUN 18 | news
Eco Bio Cosmesi Certification - Insight Professional

Eco Bio Cosmesi Certification

ICEA is one of the most recognised bodies in the Environmental and Ethical Certification sector. Eco Bio Cosmesi certification first of all meets the need to respect the body’s well-being: choosing a certified product is the best guarantee for protecting it.

FEB 18 | news
Focus on...the SUNFLOWER OIL - Insight Professional

Focus on...the SUNFLOWER OIL

All of our Icea Eco bio certified body and beard oils have been formulated using the Organic Sunflower Oil: which are its cosmetic and functional properties? 

FEB 18 | news
COSMOPROF EXHIBITION BOLOGNA 2018 - Insight Professional


We'll take part to Cosmoprof Exhibition in Bologna this year'll find us at pav. 32 - booth A25 / B26...SAVE THE DATE!

JAN 18 | news
Cosmos Natural Certification - Insight Professional

Cosmos Natural Certification

We often hear about organic or natural certifications in the world of cosmetics, but do we really know what they entail? For our Insight Sensitive line we've chosen the Cosmos Natural Certification, hereby we tell you what it is...

JAN 18 | news


How to counteract the indesirable yellow reflections typical of the grey, white or blond hair? Insight has a solution for you...

JAN 18 | news