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Brand-new volume! Insight presents the new Volume Up Root Lotion

Brand-new volume! Insight presents the new Volume Up Root Lotion - Insight Professional

A full and voluminous hair has always been the object of desire for many, and finally, it is an achievable goal. The Volumizing line gets bigger, with a new product designed to add volume to the roots, creating dimension and body, for a result that lasts all day.

After several months of development and research, the Volume Up Root Lotion is finally here! During the concept phase of this product, we were looking for the right mix of ingredients, the perfect balance: we wanted to create a light spray, suitable for daily use on fine hair without weighing it down. This was quite the task since fine hair is generally the type of hair that most requires the action of volumizing products, but at the same time is the one that tends to get dirty faster. The result of our many experiments is the Volume Up Root Lotion, a product that can add volume and body within seconds, giving the effect of naturally full hair, without leaving any residue.

Amp up the volume!

A quick-drying formula with a watery consistency, delivered by a precision spray that allows for localized application, concentrating the product on the roots. As with all Insight products, this lotion features several plant-based ingredients from organic farming, including ginseng, psyllium, and white nettle extracts, with conditioning and volumizing power that lasts for several hours. 

How to get the most out of the Volume Up Root Lotion? Follow these tips from Insight’s hairstylists: 

  • It's best to start with slightly damp, freshly washed hair
  • Divide hair into sections, using clips
  • Dispense the product very close to the roots, the goal is to apply the lotion only in the area closest to the scalp, to concentrate the volumizing effect
  • After distributing the lotion, do a quick finger massage to distribute it evenly
  • Proceed with the usual styling


To amplify its effect, combine the Volume Up Root Lotion with the other products of the Volumizing line: you will be left with an impeccable result and a long-lasting volume.


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