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REBUILD: Your most intensive treatment to rebuild your hair

(v) re· build
build (something) again
after it has been damaged or destroyed.

Hair is an essential part of our image: it plays an important role, both psychological and social, in the expression of our identity.

Changing the shape and colour of your hair becomes a way to communicate your personality to society. Often, however, in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to resort to chemical and thermo-mechanical treatments to modify the hair’s structure, sometimes running the risk of damaging the hair fibre.

In addition, some environmental agents such as exposure to sunlight, dust, and pollution can also affect hair health, causing dryness, brittleness, and loss of shine.

Loss of strength of the hair fibre and deterioration of the hair’s appearance, which becomes frizzy, dry, lifeless, and brittle.

Hence the importance of formulating products that must be effective and provide a visible improvement in the appearance of the hair.

REBUILD is Insight's professional hair reconstruction system and offers two innovative, effective and functional formulations for professional salon use:

  1. Hair Filler Serum
  2. Hair Cuticle Sealer

REBUILD line was developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna. The formulas of the two products are rich in ingredients of natural origin that help restore the integrity of the hair fibre and its protein content, improving its shine, combability, strength and elasticity.


To evaluate the effectiveness of Insight REBUILD products, two different types of tests have been performed.

  • In vivo tests, mainly based on sensory analysis, i.e. a set of methods that access the characteristics of a product using the primary human senses. The model test belongs to this category.
  • In vitro tests, through laboratory analyses on hair samples. This type of test involves using highly specific instrumental methods, capable of providing accurate measurements of a certain skin or hair feature.


When hair is damaged, the cuticle scales tend to rise, resulting in the loss of lipids, which are naturally present in the hair fibre.

The choice of functional active ingredients is therefore essential to restore the hair to its original state of health: vegetable oils, for example, help rehydrate the hair fibre (especially the outermost layer), favouring its strength, shine, and combability.

Plant-derived active ingredients are also great antioxidants, and necessary to protect the proteins and lipids of the hair which are easily oxidized and degraded by sunlight, external agents, heat, and treatments.

Active ingredients within the Rebuild line

Insight Rebuild active ingredients

Avocado oil is the ideal ingredient to take care of fragile, brittle and lifeless hair. A natural source of lecithin and potassium, it is rich in elements that make it particularly valuable in the treatment of damaged hair. It helps to make the hair shinier and stronger.

A blend of plant-derived hydrolysed proteins with an amino acid profile very similar to hair keratin, able to increase the resistance to traction and improve some characteristics of wet and dry hair, such as softness, combability, or the maintenance of styling.

These extracts, in combination with plant-derived proteins, contribute to the stable restoration of KAPs within the hair cortex. In this way, they help to increase hair mass and strengthen the hair structure. They are also rich in mineral salts, polyphenols, and polysaccharides, and therefore play a remineralising role, essential in restoring damaged hair to its ideal state of health.

A combination of plant-derived extracts to protect the hair from protein oxidation, maintaining the integrity of the hair structure, ensuring the strength of the hair fibre, and improving shine.

Rich in lipids similar to those of the superficial layer of the hair, it helps to restructure and protect the outermost part of the hair.

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The Hair Filler Serum is the first phase of the REBUILD treatment.

It has a formula with a more basic pH than that of the hair, to facilitate the opening of the scales, as well as being rich in ingredients that can deeply penetrate and repair the hair cortex from the inside.

How to use

  1. Cleanse the hair with the Intech Pretreatment shampoo
  2. Towel dry the hair removing excess water
  3. Distribute the Hair Filler Serum on damp hair
  4. Leave on for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of hair
  5. Rinse with water only
  6. Proceed with the Hair Cuticle Sealer


The Hair Cuticle Sealer is the second phase of the REBUILD treatment.

It performs a conditioning action, to close and smooth the hair cuticles. Its acidic pH formula, to be applied after rinsing the Hair Filler Serum, contains ingredients that can protect the external cuticle, sealing the nourishment previously provided inside the hair and improving its shine.

How to use

  1. After rinsing the Hair Filler Serum off, apply the Hair Cuticle Sealer to hair that has been carefully towel-dried
  2. Leave on for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of hair
  3. Rinse with water only
  4. Style and dry hair

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