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We share our experience

Insight Academy is an online platform entirely dedicated to professional training, which completes and enriches our offline training offer. Video courses accompanied by teaching materials and exercises, designed for different levels of experience and expertise, led by our outstanding tutors.

Our credo: aim for constant improvement through continued training

Aiming for constant improvement through continued training is our credo. Recognising the huge value of learning is the mindset that distinguishes every great professional. In a time of fluidity and change, like we are living through today, it is important to approach training as a continuous process, in order to be able to best respond to new challenges and fulfill the ever-changing requirements of a dynamic, competitive market.

Our educational offer is divided into three sections

All our courses are designed for those who work in the world of hairstyling and the management and coordination of salons.


The courses in the Soft Skills section, in addition to addressing hair professionals, are designed for anyone who wants to increase self-awareness, their tools and their potential.

Café Talk

Discover the new series of live streaming events dedicated to the world of hairstyling and image consulting.