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Do you know your hair?

Do you know your hair?

Let's discover together the structure of the hair and its composition, we will see how under the microscope they are very different than with the naked eye.

 The secret to a perfect blonde

The secret to a perfect blonde

Tired of the orange highlights of your blonde? We have the perfect solution for you. A line specially designed to revive the cold reflections of blonde, treated and natural hair.

Mantra for curly hair - Insight Professional

Mantra for curly hair

Raise your hand if you have a thick lock of curly hair and are satisfied with the products you use and the result obtained. This article is dedicated to you curly, often misunderstood and ill-advised customers: we want to take care of yours.

Goal: perfect coloring - Insight Professional

Goal: perfect coloring

The perfect coloring represents the goal of every hairdresser and the desire of every client: let's analyze together the fundamental steps for a correct use of Incolor.

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