Quality environment policy

Eley’s corporate strategy aims to achieve and maintain a competitive position in the market, which guarantees long-term prospects for the company and its staff while respecting the environment.

For this reason, the Management has identified four main lines of action to be pursued:

  • A policy regarding the quality of the products and the service provided to satisfy the customer
  • A policy of responsible communication towards our stakeholders
  • A human resources policy
  • A policy of respect and protection of the environment and prevention of pollution

To achieve this, the Management has established and is committed to the following objectives:

Product and service quality

  • Provide products that comply with the requirements requested and expected by the customer
  • Manage a control model that acts in a preventive manner in the various stages of the production process
  • Develop a continuous action of improvement of products, services, and processes aimed at customer satisfaction, safety and health of personnel, respect for the environment, and cost optimization

Responsible communication to stakeholders


  • Clear, concise, and accurate communication
  • Respect for confidentiality and individual privacy


Employee Rights

  • Continually stimulate staff suitability and awareness of their role through education and training to achieve greater involvement
  • Act in the interest of maintaining a peaceful working environment by seeking to prevent or resolve any critical interpersonal relationships, collaboration, and communication between people
  • Ensure an environment that is safe from injury and exposure to harm of any kind to contractors and visitors and of course employees
  • Fostering leadership, encouraging teamwork, and a commitment to embracing diversity by stimulating a culture of inclusion and collaboration



Environment and Sustainability


  • Comply with and strive to improve environmental regulatory requirements
  • Minimizing the impact of the company and our products on the environment by investing in circular economy projects
  • Continuous search for innovative cosmetic ingredients and packaging materials and lower environmental impact in the logic of life cycle assessment
  • Promotion of circular economy projects
  • Effective communication of sustainability to stakeholders
  • Corporate improvement programs aimed at reducing significant environmental impacts, through the continuous analysis of indicators related to water consumption, energy, waste, emissions
  • Evaluation of the effects of company activities on the local community


Within these general objectives, the development and implementation of a Quality and Environment System, under the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certifications, is considered essential, with the understanding and support of all.