Meet our tutors

Filippo Manuzzi

Insight Professional International Technician Director

Over 20 years of experience in the salon, at just 25 he started managing one of his own. At 34, he obtained the Cosmetology License in California. In San Francisco he collaborated with the immersive theater Speakeasy as an image curator for the cast. In addition to all over Italy, over the years he has often worked abroad dividing himself between London, Valencia, Alicante and San Francisco. For over 10 years he has been involved in education for high training academies for hairdressers and has collaborated as a technician, stylist and trainer for leading companies in the professional hairstyling sector. Today he is the technical manager of the Insight brand.

Silvia Minguzzi

Senior Trainer / Sales Coach

Expert in sales training in the professional beauty field, she is the co-founder and president of the Academy of Emotional Intelligence. Professor of Negotiation at the Bologna Business School, he has two publications under his belt, the manuals Learn to say no and What I'll do when I grow up . He holds a Ph.D in Indovedic Psychology and is an En.i.c. certified Yoga Darshana teacher. In addition to this Silvia is a coach, counselor trainer and motivational speaker and journalist.

Alessandro Marani

Brand Strategist/Creative Director

After creating and leading his own communication agency for over 20 years, Kalimera, making it a point of reference in Italian graphic design, accepts the challenge as COO for an important Italian agency. Over time, he has the opportunity to work for some of the most prestigious Italian and international brands, from food to fashion, passing through the media. These are the souls that coexist in his experience: operations, business processes and creativity. The basis of these skills is an extensive knowledge of brand strategies, which often see him in the role of consultant for companies and brands.