Our Ethical cosmetics

A guarantee that goes beyond cosmetics. This is the manifesto for an entire lifestyle.

Ethical cosmetics

Our language, our vocation

We create cosmetics because this is our way of expressing ourselves. We have always done it with the utmost care, so that the finished product can bring professional quality and performance to as many people as possible. We believe in the possibility of a more conscious lifestyle, rooted in respect for ourselves and our common resources.

Urban Nature

The benefits of the world of phytotherapy in an urban context.

This is our constant commitment. We want to build a bridge that connects all the force of nature with our everyday lives, our fast, fluid pace of life. Insight's modern phyto-technology takes inspiration from its dual nature, both plant-based and urban. We want to bring the best of our botanical expertise to everyday urban.

Sustainable in all areas

For us, sustainability means many things. It is about the environment...

Environmental sustainability is a permanent goal for Insight. We have taken a path that leads us to do our best every day to reduce our impact on the environment. We apply this awareness to our production methods and our finished products.


We are a carbon neutral company, our products are Vegan OK certified, our production chain undergoes numerous quality and safety checks, and our product formulas are all 100% made in Italy. The path towards sustainability is a journey, and we are on our way, at a good pace, trying to improve every day and ready to adopt the most eco-friendly solutions that technology can offer, time after time. We want to make things better together, one step at a time.

Read all about our certifications and materials in our packaging

..and about people
Sustainability is also a social value, which walks hand in hand with accessibility. It is not a utopian ideal, but a tangible goal, which should be pursued with practical actions every day.


We firmly believe that sustainability shouldn't be a privilege,
but a choice that is accessible to all.
Because it is only through sharing good practices
that we can create real change.


This is why every single link in our value chain works in the spirit of achievable sustainability: from our production chain, with its initial selection of raw materials, right up to the purchase of the product in the salon by the end customer. Our code of conduct extends to everyone who works with us, and as a consequence, even to the customers who choose us.


We wanted to create professional-quality products that are also within reach of as many people as possible. And we succeeded.

We are building something good.

We produce value: for us and for you.

Sustainability inevitably also influences how we do our marketing. We are conscious of our impact, both environmental and communicative: we don't underestimate the influence of the communication, both visual and verbal, that we put out into the world. We understand marketing as an added value, and we believe that there is a different way to do it, which can create consciousness and awareness, the unity of all things, creating opportunity for all.


Our approach to marketing starts from respect, for ourselves and for others. It is rooted in transparency, in what we offer and what we believe in. It has a positive attitude, which in turn creates more positive attitudes, creates well-being, for people and the territory, creates new opportunities and shared intentions.

Our commitment? Consistency and evolution

We commit to preserving our roots and exploring the future with enthusiasm and curiosity.
When we set out on this journey, we didn't know where it would take us, but we were sure of one thing: we didn't want to lose sight of what was important to us.


One of the things closest to our heart, as a company and as individuals, is promoting and spreading good practices linked to sustainability, recycling and conscious use of collective resources. The well-being of people and the land is what pushes us to challenge ourselves every day, to aspire to improvement and growth, both in terms of our product lines and in terms of our production and packaging systems.