Our certifications

Here you will find all our certifications, achieved thanks to constant effort to improve our formulas and production processes, and work on reducing our impact.

Company certifications

SO 9001 (Quality System)

The goal of an ISO 9001 quality system is to ensure that the product complies with the specified requirements. This proves that the company is able to respond consistently and comprehensively to customer expectations and to achieve significant improvements in terms of organizational efficiency and product quality by minimizing waste, avoiding errors, and increasing productivity.

ISO 22716 (GMP - Norme di buona fabbricazione).

GMPs are a set of rules that regulate methods, equipment, means and management of production. They guarantee respect for appropriate quality standards. They are aimed at both production and quality control, and are applicable to all cosmetic products, taking into consideration all the factors and operations relevant for ensuring the hygiene of cosmetic products.

Product certifications


Like all cosmetic products in Europe, Insight products are Cruelty-Free. They are constantly subjected to rigorous controls in order to guarantee their safety and quality.

But we wanted more, for us and for you. This is why we have chosen to take other steps forward: in this section, you can keep up to date on all the certifications our products have.

Vegan OK

All Insight hair products are Vegan OK certified. Buying a product bearing the Vegan OK logo on the label, the consumer receives a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product does not contain animal components and so it did not involve exploitation and killing of animals.

Certificazione Cosmos Natural

This internationally recognised standard was developed by the five main European certification bodies in the organic and natural cosmetics sector, and establishes the requirements to be respected for a cosmetic to be defined as such. The end goal is to promote responsible production and develop more and more natural cosmetic products. Our Sensitive and Lenitive lines are both Cosmos Natural certified. 

Eco Bio Cosmetics Certification

Our Skin and Man lines are certified as Eco Bio Cosmetics by ICEA, the environmental and ethical certification institute, an Italian consortium that certifies companies that operate with respect for the environment, protect workers' rights and consumer rights, and promote and spread the culture of organic products. This process involves rigorous dermatological testing on the finished product, in order to guarantee pure, skin-friendly formulas that are suitable even for sensitive skin. This means following strict regulations that base their principles on the concepts of organic, eco-friendly and natural ingredients.

RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Insight supports the production of sustainable palm oil. We have chosen to follow the standards promoted by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a non-profit association that unites the stakeholders in the palm oil supply chain, with the aim of fighting its unrestricted spread and uncontrolled production, which is putting large areas of rainforest at risk, as well as areas previously used for food cultivation. The standards of the RSPO require the use of certified, sustainable palm oil (CSPO), a solution that is greatly preferable to its substitution with other vegetable oils with a lower yield, whose cultivations could lead to even more soil consumption.