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Introducing Feelings Christmas Kit for an eco-conscious beauty at Christmas

Insight launches Melted Body Cleanser, the new cosmetic with a semi-solid texture and a concentrated, low-water formula for soft, scented skin. This Christmas, give it as a gift in the Feelings Christmas Kit to donate moments of eco-conscious beauty.



Just a few months after the launch of Melted Care products, Insight Professional expands its range of melted-textured cosmetics by introducing Melted Body Cleanser: a semi-solid shower gel in a practical, sustainable, and travel-friendly jar.

Insight Professional's in-house R&D Department has created a new body skincare and wellness formula, expanding the Feelings line. Melted Body Cleanser has all the power of Melted Care products in just 45ml: compact, concentrated, and eco-friendly. Let's discover together the benefits of using it!

The formula is super-concentrated, high in naturally derived ingredients and low in water content with first ingredient vegetable glycerin, with moisturizing and elasticizing properties.

Featuring a melted texture, this formula allows twice as many uses as the same amount in liquid form. In addition, it is Vegan OK certified, cruelty-free and Nickel tested.


Insight Professional has chosen a surfactant from the isethionate family, for an equally effective cleansing action on the skin but gentler than the cleansing action of sulphate surfactants.


The formula of Melted Body Cleanser does not contain artificial colorant, silicones, parabens and MIT, SLS/SLES, perfume-based-allergens, mineral oils and petrolatum, sulphate surfactants.

First place in the INCI is not water, but vegetable glycerin. The choice to use glycerin of natural origin, rather than synthetic or animal origin, is in line with our philosophy of conscious production, reducing environmental impact, and the Vegan OK certification of Insight Professional products. Glycerin has a humectant effect on the skin due to its ability to retain water. The moisturizing and elasticizing properties of vegetable glycerin make it particularly suitable for sensitive skin, which needs extra hydration and nourishment.


The functional active ingredients in the formula are:

  • Organic aloe juice: hydrating, lenitive and soothing
  • Organic almond oil: emollient and moisturizing

The jar containing the cleanser is made of 100% post-consumer recycled and recyclable PET. The cap is made of 100% recycled and recyclable PP. The labels have a minimum 25% recycled PET resin content.

Thanks to its compact and travel-safe format (45ml), the Melted Body Cleanser can be transported safely on any kind of journey and without risk of liquid leakages.

Take care of your skin with the Melted Body Cleanser and you will get:

  1. Deep and gentle cleansing
  2. Soft and scented skin
  3. Eco-conscious and water-saving beauty



Melted Body Cleanser is Insight Professional's new entry and will give you cleansed, soft and scented skin every time you want it. This Christmas, give it as a gift within Feelings Christmas Kit: the LIMITED-EDITION Insight Professional Christmas beauty kit.

Feelings Christmas Kit is composed of a 100% natural cotton bag containing the Melted Body Cleanser and a practical Bamboo Spatula, useful for taking the product from the jar without having to use your hands and thus preserving its hygienic level during its use. A practical, compact, concentrated, and eco-friendly gift that holds all the power of Melted Care cosmetics.


Choose Feelings Christmas Kit and give the gift of eco-conscious beauty moments to experience anywhere in the world. Find out all about Feelings Christmas Kit Limited Edition!


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