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In a world increasingly aware of the benefits of cosmetics, a new trend is emerging strongly: textile cosmetics. Discover it with us.


In a world increasingly aware of the benefits of cosmetics, a new trend is emerging strongly: textile cosmetics.

This innovative form of skin and hair wellness is winning the hearts of consumers, offering a revolutionary way to achieve effective beauty results through the fabrics we wear.



Simply put, textile cosmetics is the art of incorporating cosmetic properties into the clothes we wear. In addition to performing the traditional function of dressing and protecting, these garments are designed with innovative yarns that offer benefits for the skin and hair. The aim is to enhance the beauty of the wearer, day after day.

To obtain benefits for skin and hair, garments must be made of special yarns, created specifically for this purpose. These yarns may contain ingredients such as vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are slowly released on the skin and hair during normal wear.


At a time when silk, often used for beauty products, is not sustainable, Insight Professional has introduced an eco-friendly textile cosmetic alternative that can work in synergy with the haircare routine, maximising the beauty of the hair and prolonging the duration of styling.

You can now find the new Insight Professional Eco-Silk Pillowcase individually or combined with Insight Professional products in six new beautiful, personalised sets, perfect for your Christmas gifts.

Made from Eucalyptus Lyocell, the Insight Professional Eco-Silk Pillowcase has the same cosmetic properties as silk, helping to enhance the beauty of your hair while you sleep, in a sustainable way.

The ecological fibre is obtained from eucalyptus wood, a naturally occurring material. Eucalyptus trees also grow quickly in all types of soil, require very little water and do not need pesticides: an ideal ecological choice.

The pillowcase offers a luxurious sleeping experience, leaving your hair moisturised and disciplined, night after night. Thanks to its silky soft texture, the Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric helps the hair not to tangle or tear during sleep.

Thanks to the use of innovative yarns and ecological materials such as Eucalyptus Lyocell, it is possible to combine beauty and sustainability. The Eco-Silk Pillowcase makes you beautiful while having a positive impact on the environment. It is an important step towards a future where beauty and sustainability meet in harmony.


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