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Incolor: 12 new shades and a new modular and eco-sustainable color chart

The Incolor ritual is being enriched with 12 new and original shades that are part of the exclusive Incolor Capsule Collection 2023. Discover them with us!


It really must be said: it will be a 2023 full of shades of color and passion. The Incolor ritual, in fact, will be embellished thanks to 12 new and original shades that are part of the exclusive Capsule Collection 2023, and a new modular and eco-sustainable color chart.

Now, let's go in order: the new colors, presented at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023, are 1 brown, 9 blond or pinkish shades and 2 reds. Specifically, the new products for professionals in the Incolor line will feature:

Ash Light Brown

Warm Blond
Deep Golden Very Light Blond
Deep Golden Extra Light Blond
Caramel Toner

Cold Blond
Golden Pearl Platinum Blond
Ash Pearl Light Blond
Deep Iriseé Extra Light Blond
Iriseé Blond
Red Iriseé Extra Light Blond
Deep Pink Toner

Purple Plum Blond
Red Cherry Light Blond

The new nuances will enrich Insight's permanent hair color line, whose value was also recently recognized at the Hair Awards 2023, a prestigious international competition during which the line came out on top in the "Best Permanent Hair Color" category.

Low-ammonia creams and intensifying pigments are some of the products offered by Insight to ensure fresh, bright shades, also as an effective and sustainable way to change looks without attacking hair and scalp. Created from organic oils, the products in the Incolor line give vivid, sought-after, and never mundane tones, while protecting lengths and scalp: for this reason, too, they prove ideal for natural beauty that gently and respectfully protects the well-being of the person and becomes a smart choice for salons and professionals.

The new Incolor color chart

Elegant and creative, it divides the shades by warm and cool tones in a way that encourages the color-fashion proposal in armchromes. It is organized into five modules to allow the professional to purchase individual updates as they go, and not have to buy back the entire folder:

  1. Natural/Intense Natural
  2. Red / Copper / Purple
  3. Brown / Dark blond
  4. Light blond / Rosé
  5. Correctors / Tonalizers / Super lightenings

In addition to quality, future uses and practicality, the folder also looks at eco-sustainability, which in this new version is enhanced by the honeycomb cardboard covered with paper made from hemp, recycled and environmentally friendly fibers. A choice that looks at the environment and a sensible use of resources, but also at design and style, since it is designed to help your clients transform the salon into a unique place where it is easy to be inspired and it is possible to find the right solution for every occasion and need.

Even the most practical ones: in fact, the package is completed and embellished with a QR Code that allows you to view the Incolor range on the Insight website and to access the exclusive online course Color Master: alchemical laboratory for colorists, while also providing practical directions for the correct use of shades and for covering white hair.




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