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Hair Awards 2023: great success for Insight Professional!

Winner in 6 categories of the "Hair Awards - The Hot 100!" and finalist in 15. These are the numbers of Insight Professional's success at the Hair Awards 2023.



Winner in 6 categories of the "Hair Awards – The Hot 100!” and finalist in 15. These are the numbers of Insight Professional's success, announced last March 13 as part of the awards organized and coordinated by Hair Magazine. Needless to say, it is a very important result that gratifies us and demonstrates the growing interest on the part of the market and insiders in Insight products and the values they embody.

Moreover, given the depth of the British competition, it is an outcome that is by no means a foregone conclusion and confirms Insight’s role as a leading player in an evolving industry that is increasingly focused on a natural and sustainable idea of beauty.

Hair Awards 2023: all the awards won by Insight Professional

We are very excited about the achievement of Carolyn Newman, Insight Professional ambassador in the UK, to whom our best thanks go and who on this occasion won the award for Best Hair Look Change using Incolor products. The new shades and color chart of Insight Professional's permanent coloring line were presented in conjunction with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023.

The categories that saw us on the podium of the Hair Awards 2023 are:

  1. Best Permanent Hair ColourInsight Incolor Hydra-Color Cream
  2. Best Purple ShampooInsight Blonde Cold Reflections Brightening Shampoo
  3. Best Afro Shampoo & Conditioner Insight Elasti-Curl Shampoo Puro Delicato and Insight Elasti-Curl Textured Curly Hair Detangling Mask
  4. Best Afro Hair MaskInsight Elasti-Curl Textured Curly Hair Detangling Mask
  5. Best Afro Hair Oil Insight Elasti-Curl Bouncy Curls Hair Oil
  6. Best Afro Natural Hair RangeInsight Elasti-Curl and Insight Elasti-Curl Textured


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