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Melted Care: Insight Professional's commitment to sustainable cosmetics continues

Melted Care technology expands, and Insight Professional confirms its commitment to environmental friendliness and the proper use of resources.


Following its successful debut in June 2022, Insight Professional's Melted Care technology confirms its commitment to the environmentally friendly and proper use of resources. With this in mind, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna becomes the ideal stage to announce that from May 2023 new semi-solid products will be available, belonging to the Damaged Hair and Anti-Frizz lines and destined to occupy a prominent role in our catalog.

The news itself is very important, because it tells an important piece of a path, we are taking under the banner of sustainability seen not only as an opportunity for the future, but as an indispensable way of life to preserve ecosystems.

Melted Care: a sustainable technology made of new gestures

Melted Care means washing hair in a new way, thanks to a technology that renews the professional's gesture and transforms it into a moment of caring for people and the environment. Semi-solid products become the carriers of special care and not exclusively moments dedicated to the hygiene and well-being of hair or skin, combining the professional quality of always with a marked green sensibility.

Melted Care products use natural glycerin instead of water: that is why they have a melted texture and can be called anti-waste.

The innovative formula makes for highly moisturizing and elasticizing products that are suitable for all hair types, even very dry or poorly nourished hair. The compact, travel-safe texture makes them space-saving and easy to carry, while the hyper concentrated formula enriched by the cosmetic properties of natural glycerin allows for minimal amounts of product to be used, thus saving a great deal of money. In fact, for the same amount, Melted Care allows up to three times as many uses as a traditional liquid product.

The pluses of Melted Care cosmetics

Quality of service
Professionals can enrich the service offered to their clients thanks to a line of highly specialized products based on technology that takes care of people and the environment, significantly reducing the ecological cost of products, packaging and logistics.

End-customer attractiveness
Melted Care products have created a new rituality associated with scalp and hair hygiene. Precisely for this reason, washing hair becomes an elegant, classy gesture that is a prelude to a special moment in which to take care of one's well-being. Naturally, this new horizon possesses a great capacity to intrigue and attract a demanding clientele attentive to the quality of the service provided, as well as to the sustainability of products and processes.

Hygiene and use
Compared to the solid "bar" format, the packaging of these products allows only the necessary amount to be taken out thanks to the practical and hygienic Bamboo Spatula.

Eco-responsible and travel-friendly packaging
The jars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled and recyclable PET. Caps are made of 100% recycled PP. The labels have a minimum 25% recycled PET resin content. The 70 ml size makes them ideal for easy transport anywhere.

A product made through Melted Care technology requires far less water than one created through traditional processes. This element, in addition to the lower demand for water at the time of use, makes Insight Professional products water saving and careful about wasting resources that can cost a lot, to the professional as well as to our future.

Compact, concentrated, environmentally friendly: Discover all Melted Care cosmetics.



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