Hair trends

All the hair trends for fall-winter 2022/2023

Summer is ending, but not our desire to keep pace with the times. Let’s discover together the fall-winter 2022/2023 trends.


Fall is approaching, and as the temperatures drop and we return to our usual lives, we at Insight go in search of hair fashion trends for next fall-winter. Following are some examples that reflect the trends you can see in high-fashion brands and on the catwalks.



Great for both long and short hair, it will make you feel one step away from the beach even in your coat. Waxes, gels and lotions will be your allies for a bright look that will make you stand out in the crowd. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid can no longer do without them!


Copy the Look with Insight products:

  • Elastic Molding Wax Insight Styling
  • Protective Hair Spray Insight Antioxidant
  • Nurturing Hair Elixir Insight Native
  • Strong Styling Gel Insight Styling


This style, bold and feisty yet elegant and chic, makes a comeback straight from the ‘80s and it’s ready to conquer Gen Z. A must-have for those who do not want to go unnoticed and want to always be fashionable or even dictate it. The first to be conquered by this look were Miley Cyrus and Ursula Corbero, women with rebellious characters. True rock stars.


Copy the Look with Insight products:

  • Insight Incolor Enhancing Pigments, Nuances Purple, Green, Glittering Gold
  • Elastic Fibre Paste Insight Styling
  • Medium Hold Ecospray Insight Styling


Are elegance and sophistication your defining traits? This look will highlight them while keeping you in step with fashion. This look will soften your facial features. Suitable for those who get ready in a few minutes in the morning, and yet don't want to give up a chic style. Just ask Emma Stone, Emilia Clarke and Emma Roberts.


Copy the Look with Insight products:

  • Oil Non Oil Insight Styling
  • Shaping Cream Insight Styling
  • Curls Defining Hair Cream Insight Elasti-Curl


After a long era of "cold" colorations we finally see on the catwalks this year a return of warm shades marked by special highlights. Ideal for instantly brightening your look, also trending in pastel and sandy shades. Gigi Hadid, Sienna Miller and Blake Lively have already been fascinated by them.


Copy the Look with Insight products:

  • Nuances 8.3, 9.3, GOLD TONER Insight Incolor Hydra-Color
  • Hair Repair Complex Insight Styling
  • Leave-in Hair Detangler Insight Daily Use


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